• Wir brauen Schwarz. Und können auch anders.

  • Bierspezialitäten aus der Oberlausitz.

  • Sachsens schwarze Kunst.

Eibau festivals

Once a year people from near and far flock to Eibau to see the pageant which is all about Eibauer beer and its turbulent history.

Eating out

The Upper Lusatian region does not only boast a breathtaking natural landscape, but also a lot of excellent choices for eating out. So take a break from everyday life and enjoy a glass of Eibauer.

Tour of the brewery

Let´s discover how Eibauer beer is brewed and how it gets its unique flavor. Have you always wanted to get a complete insight into the process of brewing beer, from the natural ingredients to the finished product – the Eibauer beer? Then we would like to take you on a guided tour of our brewery, which will leave you with a lasting impression of what makes our beer so special…

Welcome to the website ...

... of the Private Brewery Eibau

Eibau - the Upper Lusatian capital of German dark beer - is home to one of the finest German beers. Eibau was first historically mentioned in the Pope´s tithe register of the deanery of Zittau in 1352. Eibau - situated in the tri-state area of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany - stands for romantic, old, half-timbered houses, which bear witness to the tradition of weaving linen in the 16th century. It´s an area of unrivalled beauty with its rolling mountains, forests and springs - one of which is the source of the well-known river Spree. The people here are a warm-hearted, easy-going breed, who are proud of themselves, their traditions and - last but not least - their genuine beer, which has been brewed in the Private Brewery Eibau since 1810. Eibauer - that is brewing tradition at its best.