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Good things comes to those who wait

...this proverb proved true in 1810 when the brewing right was assigned to the Eibau Country Brewery. Originally, beer was a nutritious ingredient of a soup and Eibauer Schwarzbier (dark beer) - a full-bodied, highly digestible beer - dates back to that time.
As legend has it, a Zittau monk, who had to brew the beer, indulged in that culinary delight and whiled away his time in the malthouse. What is more, his mouth-to-mouth advertising made the beer well-known in the area and since then Eibauer Schwarzbier has been one of the oldest and most popular dark beers in Germany.
In 1937, Mr Münch became the owner of the brewery, and by 1972 he had turned it into a very modern enterprise which was famous in Saxony and beyond.
In 1990, after 18 years of enforced nationalisation, the Eibau Brewery was retransferred to its former owner and it has been spoiling their customers´palates with the finest beers since then.


  • 1810 the brewery was built by the brewing council of Zittau. King Friedrich August I. (1806-1827 King of Saxony) confirmed Eibau as a country brewery in the region of Zittau.
  • 1867 Gustav Adolf Theodor Krampf purchased the Eibau brewery.
  • 1891 Theodor Krampf´s sons, Johann Georg and Otto Krampf, took over the brewery and continued the company as a partnership, the "Theodor Krampf Brewery Eibau".
  • 1937 Dipl.-Braumeister (brewmaster) Hans Münch purchased the brewery, which was then named after him.
  • 1953 the brewery was nationalised and became a state owned enterprise, which merged with the Brewery Bautzen, and later (1975) with the state owned enterprise Landskron Brewery Görlitz.
  • 1990 the economic and political change reached Eibau.
  • 1990 Mr. Münch´s descendants purchased the brewery and continued it as a modern, highly-productive family business.
  • 1998 Eibau took over the brewing licence of the St. Marienthal Convent (Ostritz) and has been brewing St. Marienthaler Klosterbräu ever since.
  • 2008 3 new proprietors took over the brewery.
  • 2010 the brewery was renamed as Privatbrauerei Eibau i. Sa. (Private Brewery Eibau in Saxony).